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A free Speedometer app for your iPhone, available on the App Store.

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How Fast Am I?

This is a plain and simple app I wrote as a “playground” project to go through the whole lifecyle of an app: develop, release, refine – and repeat this process over and over.

At some point during the development process, I thought that I should just release this app – for free. There were not that much plain simple (and cost-free) speedometer apps available at that time.

In a nutshell, “Speedometer – How Fast Am I?” shows your current speed in different units (for example mph, km/h and m/s). Additionally, your current position on the globe is displayed using the geographic coordinate system.

Privacy Policy

Apple asks its mobile developers to provide a privacy policy for their apps, so this is mine:

I, Marcel Kraus, provide “Speedometer – How Fast Am I?” as a free app over the App Store.

Data privacy is very important for me: I do not collect any of your personal data and there are no 3rd party analytics tools included in my apps.

I only use the tools provided by Apple. You can opt out from this tools at any time by updating your preferences in the Settings app.

Starting with version 1.3 of the app, I am using the provider Revenue Cat, Inc., located at 633 Tarava St. Suite 101, San Francisco, CA 94116, USA (hereinafter “RevenueCat”) to submit and verify In-App purchases.

The transmission is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Art. 46 DSGVO. RevenueCat stores the data in the USA or Europe and is subject to the EU-DSGVO (EU 2016679) via DPA: You agree to the collection of data by me and the transfer to RevenueCat; if you do not agree, please don’t use the provided In-App purchases.

Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of RevenueCat.

The whole source code is available at GitHub. Please feel free to collaborate!


This is a project of Marcel Kraus, Bonner Straße 88, 50374 Erftstadt, Germany. Please visit my personal homepage for more details.

I don’t use tracking codes or cookies on this page. I am not interested in any of your personal data, so I do not collect any of your personal data. 🙃